Hanna Somatic Education* is a sensory-motor procedure which re-awakens and re-engages the brain's control of movement, flexibility and health.  It is designed to increase & restore your capacity 
for self-awareness, self-caring, & self-healing.

Learning Hanna Somatics can
- improve mobility, strength
  & coordination
- improve posture & appearance
- ease breathing
- improve physical fitness
- release & reverse neuromuscular
   pain (chronic and acute)
- eliminate the need for guarding
   to protect injured areas
- create a new freedom of movement
- provide a new sense of awareness
  and control in your life
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If you have long-term chronic pain that you've not been able to get rid of, and it looks like surgery is indicated, you might try a functional solution before you try a structural solution. Try  Hanna Somatic Education* before you try surgery
* Hanna Somatic Education is a registered trademark
   Learn more by visiting www.hannasomatics.com
Hanna Somatic Education is a sensory/motor method for treating neuromuscular problems experienced by those who are suffering from a loss of physical function due to their lack of conscious neuro-muscular control.  This involuntary loss of neuro-muscular control is caused by Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA), which Thomas Hanna defined as a state of forgetfulness in which we lose memory of how muscle groups feel and how we can control them.
Sensory Motor Amnesia is caused by the habituated effects
of  three adaptive brain reflexes which occur in response to
- long term stress,
- repetitive movement or non-movement in the work environment,
and - trauma from accidents, surgeries or injuries.
Hanna named these reflexes 1) Green Light, which affects the muscles of the back, 2) Red Light, which deals with the muscles in front of the body and 3) The Trauma Reflex which impacts the muscles on the side of the body.
Hanna Somatic Education, with its main emphasis on re-education as a treatment procedure for chronic muscular problems, is the most advanced system known for relieving chronic muscle disorders. Hanna Somatic Education can reverse the effects of Sensory Motor Amnesia, restore physical function and reawaken the brain's control for self sensing, movement and health.